Step tile machine

Step tile  tole provide more modern form and luxury looking to the works than other ordinary tole materials. Therefore, the demand for using step tile tole in the market is increasing. To get a large quantity of tile tole while ensuring their quality and aestheticism, it is essential to have a modern step tile roll forming machine. Join NaViSteel to learn more about this machine.

NaViSteel design, manufacture and produce all lines of step tile roll forming machines with features suitable for all scale of needs of roofing sheet manufacturers.


·         • Weight of machine: 12 -18 tons 

·         • Dimension: L = 6 – 12 m; W = 2.3-2.6m; H = 1.6 m 

·         • Material thickness: 0.18 – 0.5mm 

·         • Material width: 914/940/1200/1220/1250 mm 

·         • Material Yield Strength: G300 – G450 Mpa (GI / PPGI, GL / PPGL) 

·         • Roller stations: 12-26 

·         • Control system: PLC, HMI automatically programmed 

·         • Cutting Profile: Hydraulic Cylinder 

·         • Cutting die SKD11 fabricated by CNC precision machine, heat treatment got 52-58HRC.

·         • Rollers from C45 steel fabricated by CNC precision machine, hard chromium plated (Heat treatment – Option)


·         Machine can automatically form and cut at any length with pre-set quantity.

·         The control panel enables to count a total length of finished coil.

·         The machine automatically alarms to pre-cut before the order finished.

·         Hydraulic system is equipped with a cooling system to keep the machine operating continuously from 20 to 22 hours per day.

·         Advantage

·         • Outputs of step tile roll forming machine are with fairly absolute accuracy in comparison with the order requirements

·         • Tole is not exposed to the joints between the two plates when viewed in all directions: top down and bottom up. 

·         • The mold is designed following the standards, and ensured that the wave does not run diagonally down or up. 

·         • The machine is designed and installed correctly to ensure smooth operation between the axes and cutters, avoiding saw tooth. 

·         • The machine is capable of running steadily for 16 years with 1 year warranty. 

·         • The machine can roll form for many different thicknesses, colors, materials upon customer’s orders. It has high productivity in a short time while still ensuring aestheticism and quality. 

·         • The cost of a step tile roll forming machine is reasonable. Because it does not cost much to operate, it helps save labor and insurance costs. 

·         • The origins of machines and components are clearly verified. For our clients, NaViSteel’s team will advise the right model that is suitable with the business situation.